Europe's corporates are battling to defend trillions of dollars of enterprise value

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Trillions of dollars in enterprise value could be put in play

Aggregate market cap ($T) for European-listed public companies by selected industry sectors

Most of these traditional companies have created innovation teams that actively look for collaboration with interesting tech companies - especially, those focused on deep tech - and are looking for ways to introduce these technologies into their processes and standard offerings and make their companies smarter. That’s a great opportunity for technology companies in Europe today.

Samuel Mueller

  • Scandit

European corporates have different levels of focus and engagement with European technology

Innovation activity of top European corporates

They are doing all the things now - running accelerators, investing in funds. In our fund, we have at least twenty corporates and two thirds of those are from France. You go to Station F and when you walk through the building, there are corporate names everywhere, everyone wants to launch there - there are twenty corporate accelerators in the building. Eventually this is getting the startup and the corporate world closer.

Romain Lavault

  • Partech Ventures

Leading European startups are building meaningful partnerships with corporates for mutual benefit

Selected partnerships between European tech companies and incumbent corporates announced in 2016 or 2017

CompanyCorporatePartnership typeDate announced
LendInvestCitigroupLending partnershipNov 2017
Scalable CapitalINGDistribution partnershipSep 2017
AIMotivePSA GroupTechnology partnershipSep 2017
Funding CircleAegonLending partnershipAug 2017
FarfetchConde NastContent & distribution partnershipJun 2017
KlarnaVisaProduct partnershipJun 2017
BlaBlaCarOpelDistribution partnershipApr 2017
ChronocamRenaultTechnology partnershipNov 2016
DeliverooHeinekenDistribution partnershipNov 2016
N26AllianzDistribution partnershipOct 2016

It’s an interesting one for us because we have limited activity in actual corporate investment. For us we take a broader, portfolio approach in terms of partnerships, looking at strategically interesting companies that we can partner with. I think there are different ways we can extract value from it and we can deliver value to the startups. One way is certainly equity and direct investment but there are obviously other areas where we can get value out of it, too. Exclusivity in our category or long-term commitment and investment in the actual partnership.

Benjamin Lickfett

  • Diageo

There is a wide variance in the level of media coverage that different European corporates have received in articles discussing technology

Most cited STOXX Europe 50 constituents in media articles discussing "technology"

If you think about well-established companies, ten years ago they were saying that there might be a big tech company in the future - whereas now they think “Guys, we need to put technology at the heart of our business or otherwise we’re going to be killed.” It’s the beginning of a new era.

Juan Urdiales

  • Jobandtalent