AI & crypto are seen as major opportunities for European tech leadership on the global stage

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AI & blockchain are viewed as the areas where Europe is best-positioned to attain world-leading status

In which one area of technology is Europe best positioned to become a world leader over the next five years?

The UK and Germany are viewed as the two countries best positioned within Europe to build world-leading positions in key deep tech fields

Most cited responses for question: which European country do you think is best placed to capture this opportunity?

Deep tech field123
Artificial IntelligenceUnited KingdomFranceGermany
Crypto/blockchainUnited KingdomSwitzerlandEstonia
CybersecurityGermanyUnited KingdomEstonia
Autonomous VehiclesGermanySwedenNorway
RoboticsGermanyUnited KingdomNo single country
GenomicsGermanyUnited KingdomSwitzerland
Virtual RealityGermanyFinlandUnited Kingdom
Augmented RealityGermanyUnited KingdomSweden
Quantum ComputingGermanyUnited KingdomSwitzerland
DronesFranceUnited KingdomGermany

The blockchain boom certainly is coming - and London is in a great position to capitalise on it. The bristling tech scene in London combines strong support for innovation and new startups with a magnetism for top tech talent from around the globe. There are several prestigious universities here which are and will be undertaking cutting edge academic research in the blockchain space.

Angus & Alastair

  • Blockchain Beginners

Berlin is, or at least used to be, the single place in Europe that was still cheap, a bit edgy, married to the slightly anarchist outlook of crypto. It’s a great place for people who want to change things to establish an office and work from here. London is much more in line with the establishment, they still want to disrupt but not really.

Jutta Steiner

  • Parity Technologies

Germany is perceived to be a clear leader amongst European countries in the race to build a world-leading position in autonomous vehicles and robotics, but in other fields there is a much greater distribution of votes between different countries

Which one European country do you think is best placed to capture this opportunity?

There is a density of machine learning talent in London that rivals even the Valley. Every year UK universities produce a roster of world-class machine learning engineers, coming straight out of the most innovative labs. To maintain the momentum in European AI, we’ll need to keep up that flow of expert and ambitious engineers, both by ensuring continued investment in higher education, and by guaranteeing that engineers are supported through accelerators once they graduate.

Barnaby Hussey-Yeo

  • Cleo