Europe is entering a new age of entrepreneurship where technology is used to address the world's biggest societal challenges

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There is strong agreement across Europe that the region's technology entrepreneurs will play a critical role in helping to tackle major societal issues, such as climate change, food sustainability and access to healthcare

European technology entrepreneurs will do more to address societal challenges in the next decade than European governments

Today's generation are looking for a higher purpose: something more than simply earning their living - I think this generation will play a much bigger role over the next decade, as they've grown up in a world where entrepreneurship is extremely powerful and when directed in the right way it can solve big and complex problems.

Daniel Wiegand

  • Lilium Aviation

Europe believes that its tech entrepreneurs will play an important role in tackling issues such as climate change, food sustainability and access to healthcare

of respondents strongly agree that European entrepreneurs will have a bigger impact on solving major global issues than European governments

To tackle the big issues in societies - social mobility, mental health, lifelong learning, the problems of ageing, and so on - entrepreneurs need to ignore the silos in which current solutions operate. The reality is that more money is being injected into the current systems, but the problems just keep growing. New solutions need to empower individuals to sort these issues out for themselves. Why keep waiting for others to sort it out for us? Europe has 500m consumers who will buy solutions to these issues if tech entrepreneurs can create attractive and effective products, rather than relying on existing systems to do that.

Ella Goldner

  • Zinc VC

Increasingly, citizens turn to science and technology to obtain an answer for mitigating climate change, improving citizens’ health or enhancing energy and resource efficiency. This is something that Finnish, Nordic and European companies are among the best in the world at. One example of that is the rising trend of biohacking where close monitoring of yourself through tech leads to changes in your living habits. Done right, this may be a good road to healthier and longer working life and thereafter healthier ageing, and thus create a meaningful impact.

Kati Levoranta

  • Rovio

The potential social and ethical impact of investments is playing an increasingly significant role in the decisions made by angel investors and VCs

The likely social and ethical impact of a company plays a significant role in my decision to invest

I think we in Europe are very well-suited to producing the founders that are going to solve some of the biggest challenges. This is thanks to more and more investors who are willing to back some super ambitious teams and plans, but we are also starting to see more entrepreneurs who are willing to move into that space, inspired by the example set by other European entrepreneurs.

Andreas Saari

  • Wave Ventures

Europe's angel investors demonstrate a strong social and ethical consciousness

of European angel investors strongly agree that the potential social and ethical impact of their investments plays a significant role in their decision to invest

The only limit to the impact we can have is our own imagination and commitment. At Norrsken, we’re aiming to enable impact unicorns, companies positively influencing more than one billion people. We are already seeing incredible solutions being developed in Europe, and the beauty of technology is that if they are successful they can scale globally, quickly.

Erik Engellau-Nilsson

  • Norrsken Foundation

It's not surprising then that European entrepreneurs that are taking on the world's biggest problems are now raising from the region's leading VCs

Selected European tech companies with a strong focus on solving a major global societal challenge

CompanyLocationProblemSelected investors
AgricoolParisFood sustainabilityDaphni
BablyonLondonHealthcare accessKinnevik, Hoxton Ventures
E-PeasBrusselsEnergyPartech Ventures
FarmdropLondonFood sustainabilityAtomico
HomeTreeLondonEnergyDN Capital, Localglobe
InfarmBerlinFood sustainabilityLocalGlobe, Cherry Ventures
KarmaStockholmFood sustainabilityNorrsken, eVentures
KryStockholmHealthcare accessAccel, Index, Creandum, Project A
LiliumMunichTransportAtomico, Tencent, Freigeist
Nayva ParisTransport360 Capital Partners
OlioLondonFood sustainabilityAccel
Origami EnergyCambridgeEnergyOctopus Ventures
SeabubblesParisTransportPartech Ventures
Sophia GeneticsLausanneDisease diagnosticsBalderton, Invoke, 360 Capital Partners
WefarmLondonFood sustainabilityLocalGlobe