Regulation is viewed as a barrier to scaling European tech

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Founders in the southern European countries of Italy and Spain are the most challenged by regulation

Does European regulation make it harder to start and scale a technology business?

The main challenge for European companies to scale up is the size of the market. A truly unified market with more common rules can help a lot of entrepreneurs. Furthermore, entrepreneurs need legal stability in order to launch new products and to innovate, they cannot do it if the legal ecosystem threatens to change. Entrepreneurs need to have faith in Europe, that means Europe needs to show them they can.

Xavier Niel

  • Station F

Tax, data protection/privacy and employment regulations are the biggest challenges for European founders overall, but the top challenges vary significantly by country and sub-region

Which one area of regulation do you view as most challenging for your company?

We need a smart regulatory environment that appropriately addresses market abuse and distortion without limiting innovation and adoption of new technologies. It is also important that the policymakers and governments adapt to the changing world of work. Preserving vested interests and protecting old structures should not be used as reasons not to allow new innovations to break through, as we will once again see that creative destruction will open new opportunities and generate further prosperity and wellbeing to our societies.

Alex Stubb

  • European Investment Bank