As tech eats Europe, every city is becoming a tech city

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The density of concentration in primary tech hubs varies significantly between countries, especially as new hubs spring up and prosper with a country

Share of active members of tech Meetups in a given city

Germany and Spain have the least-centralised tech ecosystems in Europe

of Germany's tech community is based in Berlin
of Spain's tech community is based in Madrid
of Hungary's tech community, by contrast, is based in Budapest

No one European city has a monopoly on creating tech leaders; talent and ambition can come from anywhere, and Europe’s entrepreneurs now have increased access to capital, regardless of geography.

Luxiana Lixandru

  • Accel

There are signs that every city is becoming - or will eventually become - a tech city. There are already 160+ hubs across Europe with significant tech communities

Number of European cities with >50 tech Meetup events per year


Looking at what's happening within individual countries, it's clear that Europe is witnessing the spread of tech communities within a growing number of cities

In fact, there are now more tech Meetups happening outside Europe's Top 20 hubs than inside

It’s been magnificent to see the accelerating pace of new tech hubs emerging all across Europe. As such a dispersed continent with so many countries and languages, Europe can find its unique strength in connecting these communities. We just need to keep on fuelling the fire and working together.

Marianne Vikkula

  • Slush