Europe's growing and highly-engaged tech communities

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There are hundreds of tech-related events happening daily across Europe's tech ecosystem

Number of tech Meetup events per year

Europe's tech community enjoys access to an incredible range of events to network and share knowledge and experiences

tech-related events take place daily across Europe on Meetup's platform

A small group of successful entrepreneurs can have tremendous impact on building a tech community. It only requires four to five successful entrepreneurs setting up a variety of basic building blocks that become powerful conduits for knowledge transfer through sharing deals, comparing notes and explaining what is globally best-in-class. This includes seed funds, accelerators, creating shared working and meeting spaces. These become talent magnets and inherently form healthy competition between the new generation of entrepreneurs building even more impactful products and businesses. Building a vibrant tech ecosystem is the modern alchemy for any economy serious about becoming a global leader.

Mattias Ljungman

  • Atomico

There are sizeable communities coming together at tech events throughout Europe to swap ideas and experiences


Europe's largest hubs for tech-related Meetups are also its most engaged

Number of active members by city and average number of events attended per year per active member

We’re witnessing several initiatives dedicated to strengthening the connections between local hubs, especially evident in the Nordics and CEE. Unfortunately, Western Europe isn’t showing any signs of progress as Paris, London and Berlin continue competing to be crowned "tech capital" of the continent. Without more ambitious contributions from the private sector to create more sustainable bridges between these tech hubs, we will have no choice but to continue relying on current public initiatives that show little to no sign of solving this issue.

Ben Costantini

  • Startup Sesame

Europe's largest tech communities continue to see significant increases in engagement

Top 20 hubs by level of tech Meetup activity in 2017, ranked by number of Meetup attendees