About Slush

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Slush is a global movement supporting the next generation of groundbreaking founders.

In 2017, Slush gathered more than 45,000 people in its 75 events all around the world, from South Africa to Tokyo.

The year of Slush culminates every November when 20,000 founders, investors, media and executives from +130 countries gather in Helsinki. Slush is a non-profit event organized by a community of entrepreneurs, investors, students, and festival organizers.

Held during the darkest time of the year, Slush has always been characterized by a unique energy and enthusiasm. The very core of Slush is to facilitate founder and investor meetings and to build a world-wide startup community. In 2017, more than 1300 investors and 2500 startup companies come to Helsinki to meet with each other.

Slush is run by the youth who want to make a difference in their societies. Several successful entrepreneurs, from the founders of Supercell to Spotify among others, have already become a part of the non-profit initiative that is radically changing how entrepreneurship is perceived in its main locations in Northern Europe, Japan, China and Singapore.

Here's what Slush is all about in 127 seconds.