How to use this site

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The site is divided into articles and chapters.

The hamburger menu will display full chapter names; quick navigation by chapter number is available using the numbered index on the left hand side.

At 'chapter' level, individual articles can be selected from the list on the right-hand side. 

Navigation is also possible using keyboard shortcuts throughout the site, with arrow keys (L-R, U-D) being used to move between articles (U-D) and between chapters and articles (L-R).


Hovering over charts will display column/bar/line data for each.

Users can toggle specific data series by clicking on the legend beneath each chart

Where a drop-down menu is present in the top right of a chart, users can switch between multiple data sets.

If data isn't visible over charts, this is due to visibility optimisation; hover over a bar, line or column to see the exact figures for any given datapoint.

Downloading and Sharing

You can download a PDF copy of the full report by clicking on the 'Download Report' link in the menu.

Images of individual charts can be downloaded or shared on social using the buttons beneath each chart.

The first time you download either a chart or pdf you'll be prompted to enter your email address; you will only be asked for this information once, unless you return to the site after deleting your cookies. 

Customised Reports

There are two ways to create custom reports.

Each article can be Saved to your personal report by clicking the star-shaped 'Save' button. Saved articles can be found within the ‘saved’ tab in the left-hand nav.

You can also filter the content by clicking on the 'filter articles' button in the left-hand nav.

You can either view this content online or download a bespoke pdf.